Everyone has a vocation: the path of life God has chosen for them where they will find fulfilment. Discerning a vocation properly takes time, effort and above all, prayer. If someone contacts us to explore the possibility of a Carmelite vocation, we spend time getting to know her and discerning with her before admitting her into the community. If accepted, she begins a process of initial formation which may take up to nine years. The discernment continues, in a three-way process involving God, the candidate and the community. At various stages the community, after prayer and discussion, decides whether or not she should continue on this path. If you think you might be called to Carmel, you might find this discernment programme helpful. You can also contact us by any of the means at the end of this page.


I have called you into the land of Carmel
to feast on its best and its finest fruits

Office of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (cf Jeremiah 2:7)


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